5 things I learned during the Covid-19 crisis…

All of our lives have changed. The ‘norms’ of what we usually do have flipped. Going outside and catching up with your friends is literally against the law. We have to think inside the box for ways to keep us entertained. and I’ve been giving it lots of thought. It’s pretty much all I’ve been able to do… and here are 5 things I learned during the pre-apocalypse:

1. Little things matter

I love being outside. I enjoy meeting friends and going out for meals. When we entered lockdown, I was worried about keeping myself entertained and occupied. So, I decided that I was going to set myself a task a day. These were all things that I would usually consider ‘small’ or ‘unimportant’, such as mowing the lawn, reading a book or painting the garden fence. I’ve even started painting pictures. I’m no artist so it was quite a challenge for me, but I loved it! Doing things and keeping occupied, even the smallest things, can mean the most in a time of crisis.

A women painting a fence during lockdown..
Keeping up with chores and DIY helps to maintain normality and is key to good mental health.

2. Routines are essential

No matter how big or how small, keeping to some sort of routine is so important. The hours feel like days, the days feel like weeks. There’s no structure to tell you to get up or go to bed. So, making sure I wake up and go to sleep at the same time each day ensures I remain productive. It also has a positive impact on mental well-being. It’s one of the most important things to maintain during quarantine.

3. Community spirit is important

It’s in times like these it becomes apparent just how important community spirit is. One thing that I’ve been doing to connect to the community is take my neighbour’s dog for a walk each day. It has meant the world for our neighbour, who can’t get out during lockdown. We’ve also been taking part in community activities, such as a socially distanced street party… Events like these are easy to host and everyone gets to say hello to each other. It was a highlight of my week.

4. Keep in touch

I’m an extrovert. I absolutely love seeing and spending time with family and friends. In fact, being told that I would not be able to see my loved ones for months was really hard. However, we found a way. Internet calls are the new catching up over coffee. My family has a regular quiz night as a way to keep connected. It’s fun and engaging and gives us an hour of family time every week.

5. Find time for yourself

I try to take at least one hour out of each day to do something that benefits me and me alone. I’ve been reading, editing or doing uni work to stay productive. It helps to have some alone time and I always feel great when I get a task finished. If you’re on your own all the time… do the opposite. Reach out – especially to friends who are dealing with lockdown by themselves.

About the Author

Erin Rofe-Turner
First year BA Journalism student at Leeds Beckett University

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