Yeadon Town Hall declined cultural recovery fund unfairly and may have to close says CEO

A picture of Yeadon Town HallArts Council England have declined funding for Yeadon Town Hall

Yeadon Town Hall have not been given emergency grants despite income falling by 95% due to Coronavirus

Arts Council England have rejected an application made by Yeadon Town Hall, Leeds, for £55,000 in funding to help support them during the pandemic.

Arts Council England have distributed a total of £500m to fund Cultural organisations (both profit and not for profit) based in England during two rounds of funding that are now both closed.

The grant organisations could apply for ranged from £50,000 all the way up to £3m. The suggested amount to apply for was 10 weeks turnover which would equate to £75,000, £15,000 more than what the organisation requested and were declined. Without this funding, permanent closure may be the only option in future.

Yeadon Town Hall CEO Jamie Hudson believes the money has been distributed unfairly and can’t see why the third-largest town hall in Leeds ( by capacity) was missed.

Since March, the company’s income has fallen by 95% due to shows and other entertainment missed out on while being closed.

The funding would have supported them financially between now and April. It also would have been used to help put on performances and shows when similar venues do begin to start opening up again.

Yeadon Town CEO believes they might struggle when the theatre reopens and that this might force permanent closure. He said:

“The Problem we’ve got is we can only move on patterns of 6 months at the minute.

“So now we’re heading to next April , we can open but obviously now not having that cash from the Cultural Recovery Fund means we can’t recover from the situation we’re in.

“When it comes to next April even though we might still be open, we might not be able to run any other activities.

“We might just literally be a venue where you can book a room and that’s it because we don’t have the financial capacity to embark on any of the shows.”

He also believes the arts Council should put things right and it is still possible for them to support the organisations missed during the funding. In a statement on the Yeadon Town Hall website he said:

“The Arts Council currently has an open £75M fund which they can again convert into an emergency fund, as they did in April. In doing so, they again could save many more cultural organisations like Yeadon Town Hall. However, to do this, they need to act fast.”

For now, it looks as though the town hall will not receive any Cultural Recovery funding with Arts Council England not looking like they will go back on their decision.

If you would like to support the Yeadon Town Hall yourself you can donate by clicking on this link.

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