Leeds hospitality’s lack of lockdown support

By Alyssa Brown and Finlay Green

The outdoor seating area at the Golden Fleece

The hospitality industry has struggled to stay a float during the coronavirus pandemic, with 19% less people working in pubs this time last year, causing over 500,000 people to lose their jobs in the first few months of lockdown according to morning advertiser.

Although most people have had the 80% government furlough scheme, a lot of staff have been forced to find new jobs as businesses can’t afford to pay the remaining wage. Staff have also had to endure the uncertainty of being taken off furlough at any time.

Aidan Paget, 20 worked at Remedy in Leeds City Centre lost his job at the start of lockdown as the bar didn’t have the funds he said “Everyone starting isolating before furlough was put in place so we lost business and therefore the bar as there was no support put in place by the government to keep us going.”

The staff that have been taken off furlough have also been forced to find other work as hours have dropped by 48% this September in comparison to last september meaning staff are having their hours cut and their wages just not being enough to live off. One in five members have lost their hospitality jobs since January.

Tom Horn, 20 works at The Golden Fleece within West Yorkshire and he says ” My hours have decreased massively, I used to be working 30 hours a week, every week and now I’m lucky If I get 10.”

Hospitality has also been the main blame for the constant rising coronavirus cases when restaurants only accounted for 5.18% of cases between 9th July and 3rd August. Pubs and restaurants also have had to take the most precautions and restrictions“People don’t want to come out anymore I’ve had my hours cut as it can’t get busy anymore with only 6 people on spaced out tables and no music, everyone who comes out says it’s rubbish and it’s ruining the fun of going to bars” says Zach Pearce , 21, bar staff at Manahatta, Headingley.

The affect on Hospitality within West Yorkshire

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