Victims speak out about burglaries within student houses in Leeds

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Students around Hyde Park and Woodhouse left shaken after recent burglaries

Recently, student areas in Leeds such as Hyde Park and Woodhouse have been witness to multiple burglaries. Most students look forward into moving into their new homes and are excited with the new responsibility of a new house. However, this is being disrupted by their privacy and belongings being taken away.

Our interview with Alex Farley and Jeah Modar give us a first hand account of their experience of a burglary.

The accounts of the students show an issue with burglaries and safety, the statistics can be shown in this chart where the number of burglaries per 1000 are fairly high, especially in student areas. These statistics show the number of burglaries compared with other crime in the area.

In terms of Alex’s and Jeah’s experience, the police were very accommodating with helping the girls with giving their statement, as well as keeping them updated with the ongoing investigation. Despite this, most of the items stolen could not be retrieved and the house was left in chaos.

Alex’s room after the burglary

The main struggle for many of the students because of these burglaries, are being able to replace the items lost. Most students cannot easily replace a laptop holding all their university work, and many student houses do not have insurance for burglaries. Additionally, students are vulnerable to burglars, as most are brand new to having full responsibility of living in a house and aren’t aware that burglaries are common in their area.

Due to this ongoing issue, students now have to be more vigilant when locking up the house, making sure all windows and doors are secure before leaving.

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Sonya Dyne and Kaveen Dhesi
Sonya and Kaveen are Leeds Now Journalists

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