Events companies face serious downturn this Halloween

A collection of Halloween decorations in a Leeds resident's front yard including witches, pumpkins, ghosts, spiders and spiders webLeeds resident's Halloween themed front yard

Yorkshire companies that rely heavily on events through the year have seen a huge decline in revenue after covid cancels Halloween

Local events companies are struggling after Covid-19 puts restraints on Halloween events.

Samantha Stockbridge, director of East Yorkshire based events company Seasonal Styling and Events, says their “commercial clients are non-existent at the moment.”

“Our commercial clients are not allowed to deliver events or put anything on, we have had probably two commercial events this year. However, we’ve had an upturn in our domestic clients. We can deliver spooky balloon arches, Halloween platter boards etc. all within covid secure regulations. There is definitely a sense of community amongst the locals to make Halloween a bit special and support us during this trying time.”

As well as events companies, costume shops who rely on events particularly through this festive season have revealed a drastic drop in revenue.

David Hayler, owner of local costume store ‘Fancy Dress Queen’ in Headingley, said: “demand has obviously been down this year. We’re easily at a 50% drop in turns of demand’.

This sentiment is echoed amongst other independent shop owners, with Shirley Phillipson – manager of ‘Dress Up and Party’ in Headingley – revealing they are really struggling to get the footfall to make sales; “I’d say we’re trading at 25% of what we’d usually have.”

This local determination to be festive has been demonstrated throughout Yorkshire, with a Leeds resident creating a fantastic spooky display in her front yard for others to enjoy (pictured above).

“There’s not much kids can do right now for Halloween, so I wanted to make it as festive as possible for people walking through the street.”

Not only have the public had their traditional ghoulish events axed, now a spokesman for Downing Street have told reporters parents will face fines of up to £200 if their children are caught in larger groups of 6 going door-to-door for sweets.

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