Musicians say that virtual events are here to stay

Local and large musicians can all agree that streamed performances are going to be the future of the music industry.

In 2018 the UK saw just shy of thirty million people attend concerts up and down the country. However due to the current circumstances, musicians have had to discover a new way to share their music with their fans whilst simultaneously making a living.

Leeds local musician Bethany Ibbotson said: “before Covid I was getting gigs every Thursday, Friday and Saturday and I really relied on that money. Since then it has been hard for me to get my name out there so I have had to rely on social media platforms which I never would have had to do before. Recently I have been doing Facebook live gigs and they have proved popular so I will continue to do them.”

Bethany Ibbotson, local Leeds performer

She explained the perks of performing virtually: “A lot of my family and friends don’t live around here and they cannot come to my gigs, they can only see videos, but now they can watch me perform on my Facebook live streams.”

However it is not just local musicians who have had to cancel their concerts and perform virtually, “Doves” manager, Dave Rofe said: “The music industry has been greatly struck as no one saw it coming. Livestream events have always been something in the music industry but have never been as prominent as they are now. We looked into them in the past and thought they weren’t really for us, but now we are really considering what we can do with them and will be using them in the future.”

Consumers of music also agree that it is important musicians continue to communicate with fans in the form of a live video. Katie Armitage, keen concert goer said: “Music artists play a big role in my life. It’s important for them to keep doing concerts for their fans to give them an escape from the reality.”

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Louisa Trussell, Erin Rofe-Turner
Louisa Trussell is an author for Leeds Hacks and enjoys writing about current issues and creating multimedia. Erin Rofe-Turner is a writer for Leeds Hacks who enjoys creating broadcast media.

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