Lockdown 2.0: It’s not all doom and gloom

Trees by the side of a reservoirThe second lockdown has taken it's toll on many people, but some have taken it as an opportunity to take a more positive approach to life.

This week psychiatrists warned that the second lockdown may have a detrimental impact on mental health. However, there are still many ways to stay positive.

Lindsay McGlone has been co-producing online events with her sister Kayleigh to help raise over £1,600 for charities including Black Lives Matter, Mind and Firefly.

The newest event, called Sesh on the Sofa, is hoping to bring a night out to your living room with an online event.

Money raised from this will go to Domestic Violence, Shelter and a local food bank.

“It keeps our spirits up,” said McGlone. “It gives us something to look forward to and dress up for.”

Kiran Singh, a life coach, said that she has a list of things that make her happy that she goes to whenever she feels down.

“Every time I feel a bit upset or sad, I just go to my list and say ‘maybe I can watch a comedy movie right now to help me pick myself up'” said Singh.

Singh has also been posting inspirational messages on her social media to help her followers.

“It’s the first thing I do every morning before I have my cup of tea,” said Singh. “You don’t know who is reading or checking so it might change their life.”

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