Leeds Now: Live updates Friday 20th November 2020

15:23- Covid death rates break records in Leeds

Leeds hospitals have just released data today showing that Covid-19 death rates have got to a record breaking level in Leeds as there are now 36 more recorded Covid-19 deaths.

15:13- Final Hour

All our reports are wrapping up their stories and packages now, ready to go live at 16:00.

14:25- Dan reports

Dan Flynn reports while wearing his football shirt to show support for the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation which is an NHS charity set up by Sir Bobby in 2008, which raises money for cancer.

14:02- Kaveen and Sonya report

Sonya and Kaveen are working together for the last time to write about Movember and speak to the men that are participating and find out the ins and outs of raising money and having a month-long beard.

13:58- Stadium video package

Brett finishes his video package on fans being let back into football stadiums.

13:17- Sloane and Amelia on post-grad employment

Sloane and Amelia have been speaking to Beckett careers to find out about the struggles of graduates getting employed mid-pandemic.

13:09- Dan reports

Dan Flynn and Alyssa Keane have updated us from home in their story about how Covid-19 has affected hospices! They have a source from Sue Ruder hospice in Leeds to speak to!

13:00- Half-way catch up

Were midway through newsday 5 and all our reporters are making good progress with their stories which are going live at 16:00.

12:43- Emmie and Hadiyah investigate the Roundhay Parakeets

Emmie and Hadiyah are currently investigating why Parakeets are in Roundhay park, why they’re there and what this means for other wildlife!

12:26 Louisa and Erin update on the move

Erin and Louisa are on the move today on their way to Headingly to write about the current Christmas window decorations and the neighbourhood watch competition taking place!

11:45- Priti Patel apologises after bullying inquest

Home Secretary Priti Patel has apologised for bullying allegations against a third civil servant but has not been asked to leave the cabinet as Boris Johnson has stated that the ministerial code was not breached by Patel.

11:43 Mia and Caitlin video update

Mia and Caitlin have updated with a video of Hyde Park skatepark while gathering sources and pictures for their article on female skate groups in Leeds.

11:24- Mia and Caitlin report on female skater groups

With lockdown giving people more time to perfect their hobbies, Caitlin and Mia have found and are reporting about a female skater group in Leeds!

10:47- Brett Poskett reports

With football fans eager to know whether they can get back to their much loved stadiums after second lockdown, Brett Poskett is reporting on how soon this could happen!

10:30- Cold calling scams in Leeds

Leeds residents have been told to be aware of cold callers coming to homes dressed in a fake uniform. The scammers have been targeting the elderly and asking for ‘donations’ at peoples doors.

10:27- Welcome to newsday 5!

Fin Green reporting from home

Good morning from Hyde Park! Fin Green will be live reporting all day and giving updates on the stories that are being published on Leeds Now throughout the day!

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