Window decoration contest brings early Christmas spirit to Headingley

Window decoration in a house in the Headingley area

Headingley neighbourhood watch Facebook group have devised a competition in which residents decorate windows in a bid to win a mystery prize.

The competition involves residents of the area decorating their front windows with decorations such as snowflakes and other christmassy items in order to win a “mystery prize”. Households around the area agree that this is a brilliant way to end their academic term with a bit of friendly competition.

According to Nilesh Chohan, Headingley Ash Road Area Neighourhood Watch Coordinator, the group were originally planning to do “advent calendar event” in the run up to Christmas, however there were not enough houses to take part. “We have had a little twist on that and we have seen the opportunity for people to decorate and get into the Christmas spirit.”

A resident of Estcourt Avenue, Headingley said: “I am taking part in the decorating challenge because it is a bit of fun and a bit of competition! Everybody is getting festive and it is lovely to see all the windows decorated!”

Marsha Chinichian, psychotherapist tells Good Housekeeping: “decorating early really isn’t a bad idea at all, studies show that decorating for the holidays improves mood and ignites positive memories. Holiday decorating ignites the child in each of us, eliciting positive emotions.”

Katie Armitage, another member of the area says: “I am taking part in the window Christmas competition as it is a part of still celebrating Christmas however rubbish it is this year, but it is still something to keep everybody’s spirits up.”

Nilesh Chohan also said: “it has been a tough year for us all really so it is just to help people bring their creative streak out and show off and get some Christmas spirit out early! I think it has been absolutely amazing how Covid has brought our communities, especially Headingley, so much closer together!”

“The neighbourhood watch area covers around 900 houses and everyone is welcome to join the group, so please do!”

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