Leeds Now live updates: 26 November 2020

Zoom call takes place on laptop. Candle burns to the left of the laptop.Here are your Live reports for today!

16:00 – Goodbye!

Thats all from me today, thank you for following our live updates!

Have a great evening and look after yourself.

15:00 – And were live!

Our final radio show of the year is going live now.

14:55 – Final Newsday of the year

Today’s final radio show has some great stories, be sure not to miss it!

14:50 – Final bulletin of the day!

Red Radio provide the latest headlines in their final bulletin.

14:48 – Blue Radio’s final bulletin

Molly Capel gives the latest headlines ahead of the final show at 3!

14:35 – Last minute editing

Reporter Gabby Mercer is editing together her final radio Newsday package.

14:30 – Only 30 minutes to go!

Always cracking jokes,Oliver Bradley is getting ready to present Red teams radio show today.

14:25 – Final radio show of the year!

Georgia Spence will be presenting todays radio show at 3.

14:20 – Students threatened by group of teenagers

Todays blue radio editor Oscar Bellerby, is working on a story about the resent attacks carried out by youths in Hyde Park.

14:07 – Help with business property costs

Leeds City Council are providing help for business premises, is yours eligible for help?

13:53 – Red radio

Red radio present their 13:30 bulletin. Only one more to go!

13:50 – Blue radio

Blue radio bring you their third news bulletin of the day!

13:44 – Foggy conditions expected to fall over the UK

Fog patches will fall overnight with poor visibility expected.

13:28 – Impact on hospitality

Our reporter Lauren West finds out how the new tier restrictions will effect hospitality.

13:17 – Red radio News Bulletin

Red radio bring to you their 12:30 bulletin.

13:13 – Blue radio news Bulletin

Blue Radio’s 12:30 News bulletin presented by Molly Capel.

13:00 – Major flood last night

A water pipe burst in Harehills last night, leaving a main road under water.

12:45 – Bulletin presenter

Todays Bulletin presenter for Blue radio is Molly Capel!

12:30 – Virtual Christmas light switch on

Leeds Christmas light switch on moves from Victoria Garden to YouTube. Our reporter Kara McKune will be covering more on todays radio show!

12:23 – Blue radio bulletin

Molly Capel presents the 11:30 news bulletin for Blue radio.

12:18 – Red radio’s first news bulletin of the day

Gemma Ryles presents Red radio’s 11:30 news bulletin.

12:15 – Leeds will be going into Tier 3

With Leeds going into Tier 3 after the UK lockdown, what will this mean for the City?

12:03 – “Major community testing programme”

A Major testing programme is going to be given out to areas in Tier 3.

11:57 – Areas in Tier 1

Only three areas in England are being placed into Tier 1.

11:46 – Being Disabled Does Define Me

Reporter Molly Carr talks to people using #BeignDisabledDoesDefineMe and how they are taking back control.

11:35 – Foreign nationals unable to leave UK

Leeds Now reporter Eliza Lita is working on a radio package today about how Foreign nationals are not able to leave the Uk for Christmas.

11:24 – Breaking: Tiers announced

Government announces Uk tier system. Tier 3 areas include Leeds and Manchester.

11:21 – Mostly cloudy today in Leeds

The maximum temperature today will be 9°C, with the lowest temperature being 3°C with cloudy skies all day.

11:15 – Todays sport reporter

Our sports reporter for Blue Radio today will be Sam Brooke-Wilkinson.

11:08 – Death of 11 year old girl

Police are investigating the unexplained death of a young girl in the early hours of this morning.

11:03 – Rise in Covid cases

Our Editor Louise Hollingsworth investigates the rising Covid-19 cases in Scarborough.

10:56 – Changing careers

Our reporter Emilia Kettle is talking to people who have changed their career path during the pandemic.

10:46 – Tiers to be announced later today

The Government are expected to announce tiers today as we near the end of the second Uk lockdown.

10:33 – Good Morning!

Hello, I am Jessica Barton and I will be your Leeds Now Live reporter today.

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