How men are bringing awareness to mental health in ‘Movember’ this year

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Chazz Molina, aged 19 states that men’s mental health “is not taken too seriously”

The Movember movement begins at the start of every November, where men all over the world participate and show their support for men’s health by not shaving all month.

In terms of men’s mental health, 3 out of 4 suicides are committed by men. A number of men, such as Chazz feel as if, “there are a lot of men who don’t talk about their mental health” which could lead to suicide. Additionally, Shea Crawford age 20 says that there is a stigma of mental health in men, as they are told to “man up” and that “boys don’t cry”.

In terms of suicide figures in the UK, the rate for men’s suicide is 75.3% whereas when compared to women, the rate is significantly lower at 24.7%. Due to the high rates of suicide, people such as Shea feel it is important to create fundraisers in order to bring awareness to an issue he feels is “brushed under the carpet”.

Because of the high statistics of male suicide in comparison to the rate of female suicide. The issue of mental health is important for men to reduce the stigma behind it, through movements such as Movember. Especially, currently, the numbers have been rising due to the lockdown where people feel more isolated and alone.

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Sonya Dyne and Kaveen Dhesi
Sonya and Kaveen are 2nd-year journalism students writing for Leeds hacks

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