Leeds Now: Live updates 11th January 2021

15:30 – Goodbye!

This is the end of your live updates for the day. Keep checking the Leeds Now website for all the latest local news. Stay safe.

15:15 – Applications for local primary school places closing soon

Leeds City Council are reminding residents that if they have a child who is due to start school in September, applications are closing for local primary school places.

15:05 – Modern Slavery appeal by West Yorkshire Police

West Yorkshire Police are urging members of the public to be more vigilant in the fight against modern slavery.

14:50 – Virtual online sessions by Leeds Rhinos

Virtual Tea and Talk sessions are being run by local rugby team Leeds Rhinos, who are attempting to tackle loneliness each week. The sessions are available every Friday and anyone is encouraged to join.

14:35 – Pressure on teachers increases

Sam Brooke-Wilkinson and George Clarke are reporting today on the increased pressure teachers are facing with pupils requiring more support when learning from home.

14:25 – Prayers suspended at Leeds Grand Mosque

All prayers have been suspended at the Leeds Grand Mosque until further notice in an attempt to bring the COVID infection rate down and limit the pressure placed on local NHS services.

14:15 – UPDATE: Middleton shooting

A police car that was responding to the reports of the shooting in Middleton crashed into a taxi last night. Part of the ring road in Leeds was closed whilst police recovered the two vehicles.

14:10 – Fast approaching the end of our first newsday of 2021

Gemma and Kara have nearly finished their package on UK travel restrictions, which will make up part of our final TV news programme this afternoon.

13:55 – Weather warning from the Met Office

There is a yellow weather warning for ice between 3pm this afternoon and 11am tomorrow morning.

13:50 – Train disruption for essential travel

Train lines going through York station have been blocked, meaning some trains will experience a delay.

13:40 – Relationships and the pandemic

Emilia Kettle and Lauren West are reporting on how couples are handling the lockdown, with many having to move in with each other in order to follow government guidelines.

13:25 – Vaccines continue to be rolled out in Leeds

The NHS in Leeds is encouraging people to wait patiently for the vaccine and to not contact their local surgeries, reassuring them that they will get the vaccine and that it is being distributed safely.

13:15 – The move online for university students

Our reporters Molly Carr and Gabby mercer are covering the impact online learning had had on university students, with many having no face-to-face teaching this year.

13:00 – Producing an album during lockdown

Molly Capel has today interviewed Tony, who was involved in the production of a ‘lockdown’ album. Our show will be going live later so tune in to watch there piece!

12:50 – West Yorkshire Police encourage use of new app in emergencies

An app which provides videos designed to be used in emergency is now being used by West Yorkshire Police, in an attempt to offer more accessible support and advice for people who need support from the force.

12:35 – BBC Bitesize made free for BT and EE customers

BBC bitesize can now be accessed for free by BT and EE customers in an attempt to make home schooling for families easier.

12:20 – UPDATE: Man arrested in Middleton shooting

A man has been arrested by armed officers after a shooting in Middleton, with reports that he has been shot in the leg and is currently in police custody.

12:10 – Reassurance for Support bubbles

With the government considering even tougher coronavirus restrictions, it has said that those living alone will still be able to ‘bubble’ with one other household.

12:00 – UPDATE: Man injured in Middleton shooting

West Yorkshire police are appealing to the public for information after a man was injured in a shooting last night on Thorpe Road, in the Middleton area of Leeds.

11:50 – Travel restrictions for UK residents

Reporters Kara Mckune and Gemma Ryles are updating us on the UK’s travel restrictions and how they caused confusion for many who were planning to go abroad this year.

11:35 – 5 day strike for British Gas staff

A strike by British Gas staff in Leeds has entered its 5th day, with workers being increasingly concerned about their job security.

11:25 – Presenting the show from her car?

Our presenter today is Louise Hollingsworth and she’s presenting the show from home, well her car at least.

11:20 – Reminder to stay at home from Leeds Council

With the country nearly a week into the third national lockdown, Leeds Council are reminding residents to adhere to government guidelines and stay at home.

11:10 – Improving mental health with music!

Our reporter Georgia spence is following a Leeds organisation as they release a lockdown album with the Kaiser Chiefs, which is hoped will promote mental well-being.

10:55 – Phase two COVID vaccines for critical workers

The government has announced that teachers and other critical workers will receive the COVID-19 vaccine in the “phase two” of it’s rollout.

10:45 – Reports of a shooting in Middleton

Police have cordoned off a part of the Middleton area of Leeds, after reports came through of a shooting last night.

10:40 – Mental health during lockdown

Leeds charity MindWell are encouraging Leeds residents to look after their mental health during the third national lockdown.

10:30 – Hello 2021!

Good morning from Leeds Now, I’m Oscar Bellerby and I’ll be your live reporter for today.

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