Leeds Now: Live updates 12th January 2021

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16:00 – Goodbye from Leeds Now!

That’s a wrap from me and our team of reporters in the Leeds Now newsroom. We’ll be back next week with another round of updates. Thank you for reading and have a lovely evening!

15:25 – Police appeal to identify theft suspects

West Yorkshire Police have released an appeal in relation to a theft from a shop in Leeds. The crime happened on Sunday, and the police are urging anyone who recognises any of the people in the released CCTV image to report them anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 0800 555 111.

15:10 – Final countdown

Hello, Eliza here, back to wrap up our live updates for the day.

Our TV bulletin is 5 minutes away from going live. Coming up, our reporters will be covering some really important human interest stories, particularly surrounding student life and struggles in lockdown. We will hear from students upset at not receiving a safety net to protect their grades, a charity providing ‘survival kits’ directly on students’ doorsteps, and from those who have faced difficult choices due to travel restrictions. Stay tuned for our programme in a few minutes.

14:55 – Goodbye from me

Lucy here and I’m signing off, handing you back over to Eliza for an end of the day wrap-up. Thanks for reading along and have a lovely evening!

14:50 – Road reopened in Whitkirk

The A6120 has been cleared and reopened following a road traffic collision earlier today, which affected both directions between Cross Gates and Skyliner roundabout.

14:45 – Stunning 88ft mural pops up in Leeds Centre

A new piece of artwork reaching up the side of a building has appeared in The Calls. Designed by Anthony Burrill, it’s the largest artwork he has completed so far.

14:35 – Working from home

Our presenter Sam Teesdale will be bringing you today’s news programme at 3:30, we’re all working extra hard without the use of our news room and media equipment.

14:20 – Finally… some good news!

Sir David Attenborough has received his first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. We’re sure everyone is glad to see the nation’s favourite animal lover protected.

14:10 – See you soon!

I’ll be signing off for an hour and Lucy will take over the live updates from here, as we’re fast approaching the final stages of producing our TV bulletin due to air at 3:30. See you in a bit!

14:00 – Students face having to make a difficult choice because of the travel restrictions in lockdown

Journalists Kane Daly and Ben Barry have spoken to a student for whom returning to Leeds before the lockdown was crucial because otherwise, she would have had to choose between losing her job and breaking lockdown rules. Many others are in a similar situation at the moment.

13:45 – Third national lockdown causes students to pay for empty accommodation

With tougher travel restrictions in place, many students with private tenancies are finding themselves having to pay rent, despite not living in their accommodation. Leeds Now journalists Philip Daniels and James Bousfield have spoken to a few tenants about the inconvenience this causes to them.

13:35 – 17-year-old arrested for fatal shooting in Mexborough

The victim was found yesterday afternoon with a fatal gunshot wound and has yet to be identified. The police have arrested a male, 17-year-old suspect in relation to the murder, and an investigation is underway.

13:20 – Leeds Now journalist’s top tips to produce high-quality TV content from home

Reporter Jacob Lyon has revealed what helped him produce a great TV package today ready to go into our programme later this afternoon. He puts me to shame with his honey and lemon tea diet, while I’m still sipping my high-caffeine English breakfast.

Pro tip: propping your legs on the desk improves circulation.

13:10 – How to get a ‘survival kit’ of essential if you’re a student struggling with your mental health in lockdown

Hello, this is Eliza taking over the live blog for another hour. How are you feeling this afternoon? If you’re a student and the answer is “pretty down”, it’s worth checking Leeds charity It’s our day and their delivery services, which supply boxes of essentials to struggling young people in higher education. Our journalists Rachel and Emily are working on a TV report about the charity’s initiatives.

12:55 – Be back soon!

Handing control back over to Eliza, I will be back again in an hour with more news.

12:50 – Small reduction of Covid-19 rates in Leeds, but not time to ease up just yet

After some reduction of Covid-19 cases in and around the city, Leeds Council stress, continue to stay at home and minimise contact to keep the virus under control.

12:45 – Wags ‘n’ Whiskers raffle

RSPCA Leeds and Wakefield are holding a Wags ‘n’ Whiskers raffle in aid of caring for their rescue animals. Tickets cost £5 which you can access here for a chance of winning a number of prizes.

12:30 – Resources for victims of domestic violence and abuse

Leeds Council are urging people to reach out to those who may need it. If you are suffering from domestic abuse or violence you can call a hotline on 01132460401. If you are worried about someone you can access a web-chat for advice.

12:15 – Travel update

Road closures in Whitkirk between Cross Gates and Skyliner roundabout announced after a ‘serious’ road traffic incident.

12:00 – Good afternoon

Hello! Lucy Parker here bringing you updates for the next hour.

11:55 – Tea break

Because any respectable journalist deserves their fair amount of caffeine to function, I’m off to take a tea break and check in with the team. Lucy Parker will keep updating you from now on what our reporters are up to.

11:50 – Students criticise universities’ failure to provide a safety net during lockdown

Young people studying in Leeds have spoken to our journalists, India Rose and Jacob Lyon, to express their upset at how the universities within Russell Group are refusing to introduce any measures to mitigate the impact of lockdown and the pandemic on students’ grades. The University of Leeds is among those whose students will not benefit from the safety net.

11:40 – “Everyone” in the UK to be within 10 miles of a vaccination centre by the end of January

The Government intends to open centres for British people to receive their coronavirus vaccine within 10 miles of everyone’s household. According to the UK Covid-19 Vaccines Delivery Plan, this move is scheduled to be completed by the end of the month. However, a report by the Yorkshire Post details how vaccination centres can be opened within a 10-minute, instead of 10-mile distance from every household, and why the Government should consider it instead.

11:25 – Students affected by the lockdown travel ban

Leeds Now reporters Ben Barry and Kane Daly have investigated how the coronavirus travel ban has impacted students’ lives. Blame has been put on young people throughout the pandemic for the rising infection rates, so their report will also explore what students think about being blamed and in what circumstances they have returned to Leeds to continue studying.

11:15 – Leeds charity delivers ‘survival kits’ to students struggling with mental health in lockdown

Our journalists, Rachel Johnston and Emily Carson, are working on a TV package about Leeds-based charity It’s our day and the survival boxes they deliver to students who struggle with mental health issues. Because of the lockdown, volunteers from the charity have started delivering directly to students’ doors.

11:00 – Royal Mail deliveries to Leeds delayed due to COVID-19

The rising coronavirus cases have caused delays in postal services across the country. Leeds is among the affected areas. Royal Mail has released a list of the areas where delays might be expected.

10:45 – Good morning from Leeds Now!

I’m Eliza Lita and together with my colleague, Lucy Parker (and my giant mug of tea), we’ll be bringing you updates every 15 minutes on what our TV journalists are working on today.

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