Leeds Now: Live Report 25th January

A photo of a laptop screen displaying the Leeds Now page.Welcome to the Leeds Now Live page, come here for updates throughout the day.

15:00 – And that’s all folks!

That’s all from me, make sure you check out the finished show from the Leeds Now team. Have a great week!

14:55 – You get an apprenticeship, and you get an apprenticeship!

More opportunities here, the Leeds Apprenticeship Festival is showing off their talent. Find out more and what you can achieve by visiting their website.

14:50 – Schools shutting due to more Covid cases

A primary school in Leeds has been forced to closed since 12 members of staff and seven pupils tested positive for the coronavirus. The school will remain shut until February.

14:44 – Now that’s what I’m Tolkien about!

Did you know that J.R.R Tolkien lived and worked in Leeds? You learn more about this wonderful city everyday.

14:40 – It’s raining flood warnings

Leeds has claimed that it’s flood defence scheme was not at fault for the flooding in East Yorkshire last year.

14:35 – UPDATE Leeds Crown Courts closed due to Covid outbreak

Leeds Crown Court reported they were shut for cleaning today, and it has recently come out that six people tested positive for Covid-19.

14:28 – Make yourself heard, even if you can’t speak

If you’re in a situation where you need to call 999 but can’t speak, make sure you press 55 on your mobile. This lets them know that this is a genuine emergency, so make sure you’re heard.

14:22 – Check it, it’s the Beckett Twitter!

Want more of the wonderful people at Leeds Beckett? Chloe has let us know how she manages to live in Leeds on a student budget, while still having a good time.

14:20 – It’s your time to talk

MindWell Leeds is here to help, if you need a space to talk about your mental health, now is the time. Time To Talk Day is a day dedicated to helping to better understand mental health and talk through people’s issues. Remember there’s always someone you can talk to.

14:10 – Every good thing is sustainable

Zero Waste Leeds is the best place to be if you want to find out tips on how to be sustainable and fashionable. Be apart of the journey that’s helping Leeds stay environmentally friendly.

14:00 – Leeds Now covering housing horrors

Our very own Sam and George are looking into a story where a tenant contracted Covid after being forced to conduct in-person viewings in his property. Find out what happened on our show later today.

13:52 – More closures as online mega-brands buy out Debenhams

For those looking forward to their weekly Debenhams shop after lockdown, you’re out of luck, as Boohoo has bought them out, meaning the stores in White Rose and Briggate will close permanently.

13:44 – No more calling in to Call Lane

The Connecting Leeds project has meant that some access to Call Lane will be closed for roadworks.

13:40 – A little look to the past

Crickets had a tough time this year, with Headingely Stadium not getting as much action as it has in its past years. Here’s Don Bradman, in Leeds in 1930, about to make history with his amazing skills.

13:37 – More vaccinations given to those who need it

Leeds legend Rob Burrow was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease, a rare disorder that effects the brains and nerves. He was given his first dose of the Covid vaccination and is encouraging everyone to get their jab too.

13:31 – You’d be barking mad not to check this out

This little lady needs a new home in Leeds, reckon you could do the job? Remember a dog is for life, not just the amazing Twitter photos you can get with them.

13:25 – Get ready for the new and improved A647

Connecting Leeds Β£16 million project will help improve congestion in Leeds and the new animation shows exactly how.

13:20 – Some more music news for you groovy gals and guys

Want some more music recommendations? Check out Leeds based artist Modem and how he’s getting along during lockdown.

13:15 – Some inspirational words for the football fans out there

If you’re looking for some moving quotes, you might not think to check the Leeds United Twitter page, but here we are.

13:10 – Have you seen this man?

West Yorkshire Police are on the lookout for a person in Leeds. Keep your eyes peeled and report anything suspicious.

13:00 – Presenting to the stars

Thank you to the lovely Kara for presenting today! I’ve been helping her film today, got to make sure she looks great in every shot! (Though, that’s not that hard.)

12:55 – Bit of Beckett love to Leeds

Leeds Beckett is showing their support to Leeds United. Fancy a match at the Headingley Campus?

12:45 – Love a podcast and want some good news? I have just the thing!

If you love Leeds then check out the new podcast from Leeds Community Foundation! Learn about your community and give a little love back to Leeds.

12:40 – From Leeds to Scotland, is there anything the Leeds Now team can’t do?

Our very own Georgia is discussing Burns Night, a celebration of the Scottish poet, Robert Burns. If you’re like me and didn’t know about today’s celebration, make sure you check out their piece later so you’re clued in.

12:35 – Are you interested in music? Leeds Council might have just the thing

Book in the chance to listen to special guests discuss the music industry and how they have managed during the pandemic. The panel includes guests David Gedge, DJ NikNak and is hosted by Martyn Walsh.

12:25 – Well, we certainly agree!

The city of Leeds has been ranked the best city to live and work in in a recent survey by Demos-PWC Good Growth for Cities Index, which measures different categories such as jobs, transport and environment.

12:20 – Hands, Face and Space. Make sure you’re keeping yourself and others safe

10 of the listed cases for today have been postponed as Leeds Crown Court shuts for deep cleaning due to coronavirus safety concerns. The Court is expected to reopen tomorrow.

12:15 – Are you doing your bit to help?

Join Oscar and Olly to find out how you can help different charities from home, and find out if Oscar really is that miserable.

12:00 – The White’s are reminiscing on one of their favourite past players, Chris Dawson.

Leeds United are looking back to five years ago, when Chris Dawson left the club.

11:50 – Three’s company for the Leeds Now team.

Emilia, Lauren and Jessica are tackling the topic of period poverty in their piece today, as they find out about new period poverty bins that are showing up across the city.

11:45 – Journalism news from a Journalism tutor

The editor of the Yorkshire Post has attacked MP’s over their claims that the paper should “adjust the tone of the paper’s coverage” since the paper revealed supplies of the coronavirus vaccine could be diverted from its patch to other regions.

11:38 – UPDATE on Paige Marsden

Thank you to everyone who shared the appeal, Paige has been found safe and well. Make sure you always report any suspicious behaviour you see to help support the police.

11:35 – Keeping Leeds clear and safe for everyone

Well done to the team who managed to keep the floods out of Killingbeck Meadows in East Leeds.

11:25 – Appeal for a missing teenager; if you see anything suspicious, make sure you report it

West Yorkshire Police are putting out appeals to find missing teenager, Paige Marsden.

11:20 – All you football fans get ready!

Leeds United is pleased to announce a new investment that brings Leeds United ownership from 15% to 37%.

11:13 – Everyone’s excited for their last TV Newsday!

Check out Louise and Molly’s piece later today about the differing opinions on the cancellation of GCSE and A-Level exams.

11:05 – It’s important to make sure your home is always fire safe

Have you registered your appliances? Join North Yorkshire’s Fire and Rescue Service in observing white goods safety.

11:00 – Leeds homes are facing power outages this morning due to issues with the electricity cables

Are you in the unlucky areas? More than 250 homes are facing power outages in Leeds.

10:54 – The people of Leeds have banded together to organise a charity run

Here’s an uplifting story about a young girl who’s encouraged people to take part in a running challenge for her liver disease. Will you be taking part?

10:43 – Leeds Now journalists are always looking for their next scoop

Our reporters Molly and Gabby are looking into how Leeds Council is trying to support businesses during the pandemic.

10:30 – Good morning!

I’m Gemma Ryles and I’ll be your live reporter for the day. Stay here for updates on the Leeds Now team and news coming out of Yorkshire.

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