Leeds Now: Live updates 26th January 2021

15.30 – Goodbye from Leeds Now!

Thats it from me and my team of reporters in the Leeds Now newsroom.

Today marks our very last television news day, which means one step closer to graduation for us third years. If I would have asked myself if I would miss TV news days, I would think I am crazy. But I can happily say I will.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed the show. Have a good evening!

15.23 – New developments in Leeds

The pandemic has caused loss in many sectors, but to leave today on a good note I want to include what Leeds has gained.

These include; a new Home Bargains, which will create 75 new jobs. A new Danish retailer, JYSK, which will create over 100 new jobs and one for the burger lovers. Dope Burgers and Fat Hippo will be opening in Headingley by February 2021.

15.03 – The countdown is on

We are creeping closer to our final television news bulletin of the year. Coming up, our reporters have covered a range of stories such as children’s gaming habits in lockdown, experts warning walkers of the surge in litter levels and residents left distraught after their historical homes are to demolished. This is to just naming a few.

Stay tuned for our programme in the next 15 minutes.

14.51 – Working from home

Our presenter Lucy Parker will be bringing you today’s news programme at 3.30. We have all worked really hard to make our last TV news-day our best.

14.40 – Final touches made to the Blue Plaque diversity review package

Kane Daly & Ben Barry are putting their final touches on their story, which is the Blue Plaque diversity review by Leeds Civic Trust, before the 3.30 news bulletin.

14.31 – Mental Health support from Mind Well Leeds

Mind Well Leeds have a ‘Working from home’ section on their website, for those struggling with remote working/learning during lockdown. https://www.mindwell-leeds.org.uk/myself/coronavirus-mental-health-information-hub/self-care-whilst-working-from-home

14.18 – Leeds’ first LGBTQ+ housing scheme goes live today.

TransPrideLeeds are creating a multigenerational, life-long co-housing for the LGBTQ+ community in Leeds. This scheme has gone live today!

14.05 – Great news from Leeds hospitals

Leeds hospitals have recorded zero Covid deaths in latest statistics, following 609 deaths around the country between December 17th 2020 and January 24th 2021.

13.47 – Refuge centres are still open for those in need

Refuge centres in Leeds are still in operation during the pandemic. Social distancing and isolation will be essential. No one should feel unsafe in their surroundings, especially during these trying times.

13.38 – Covid-19 infection rate down to 274.2 per 100k

CEO of Leeds City Council, Tom Riordan gives an update on the infection rate of Covid-19 in Leeds.

13.18 – £8,000 worth of unique items stolen from a village in Shipley

Thieves forced open a window at a property on Albert Road in Saltaire between 30 December 2020 and 21 January 2021.

Items in excess of £8,000 were taken, including original artwork by famous Leeds artist Phillip Naviasky. Other items included a bespoke 22-carat wedding ring, an 18-carat gold chain necklace and Victorian cocktail glasses, perfume bottles and vases

13.05 – Student nurses’ workload is heavy, so why do they not get paid for their work during the pandemic?

James Bousfield has spent the day talking with nurses about whether or not student nurses should be paid for their placement during the pandemic. A very fitting story, especially with student nurses facing more pressure than ever before.

12.55 – #tweetception

One good thing about living with one of todays reporters, they can report me live-reporting!

12.44 – Leeds Crown court has sentenced a driver today to 22 months in prison.

In September 2019, a driver deliberately crashed into a police car during a pursuit. Leeds Crown Court have sentenced the driver today to 22 months in jail, and a driving disqualification.

12.29 – Lockdown has seen an increase in walkers, meaning litter levels are surging.

The Canal and River Trust are encouraging walkers to clear up plastic on their daily walks, to fight the surge in litter levels along Britain’s tow-paths.

12.21 – Weather Warning!

The Met office have issued a yellow warning for snow in parts of West Yorkshire this afternoon.

12.13 – LS26 residents left devastated after the news of their historic houses being demolished.

Residents of LS26 have spoken with our reporters, Emily Carson and Phillip Daniels about the plan to knock down the Post-war prefab houses in Oulton, and replace them with ‘affordable’ homes.

70 homes are facing demolition after a Government inspector overturned a city council decision which would have saved them.

11.59 – No school means one thing, children are becoming increasingly dependant on online games

Our reporter India Rose shows us here that reporting from home has its difficulties!

Herself and Jacob Lyon are covering how gaming has increased for children during the lockdown. Tune in at 3 pm to hear their advice on how to prevent your child from becoming too addicted to sitting in front of a screen.

11.41- Keeping children safe and happy is priority as Ofsted reveals lockdown is a barrier to pupil progress

Earlier today Prime Minister Boris Johnson suggested he is examining whether some lockdown measures could be lifted once the highest priority groups have been vaccinated as he came under pressure to reopen England’s schools.

11.35- Blue Plaque Scheme review takes place to address the lack of diversity

Ben Barry and Kane Daly are working together to address the lack of diversity within the Blue Plaques Scheme, which is run by English Heritage. The scheme was founded in 1866 and celebrates the links between notable figures of the past and the buildings in which they lived and worked. A review is being held in Leeds to try and fix the issue.

11.20 – Freelancers ‘find their dream jobs’, even when they are forced to work remotely

One of our Journalists, Eliza Lita is creating a television package today about freelancers who have benefitted from working from home, finding their dream careers in the midst of a pandemic. Eliza spoke with them about their achievements and goals for 2021, a year we all hope is better.

11.00 – Major road resurfacing works in Leeds City Centre

Leeds city centre is inundated with road works beginning the 29th of January to the 15th of February. Connecting Leeds has created a list of roads to avoid.

10.45 – Good Morning from Leeds Now!

I am Rachel Johnston, and today I will be on the live reporting blog, updating you on what our news reporters have been working on today 🙂

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