Live Updates: Tuesday 2nd February

Snow in Leeds

3:21pm – Goodbye!

That’s all from me today, I’m going to go and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and an episode of The Office. Stay warm and stay safe friends! It’s cold outside!

15:10pm – Leeds Council warn about vaccine scams

The Leeds Council have warned Leeds about the circling scams that have been sent out asking people to provide money for a vaccine. If this happens to you, be sure to block the sender and report it to the police.

15:00pm – Bin collection stopped due to heavy snow

Leeds council have stopped all bin collections due to the heavy snow. If your bin has been missed and you need it emptying click the link below to see what you can do!

14:45pm – Missing teenager found

Missing teenager Kai Hatty has been found safe and well. The police thank everyone who made an appeal.

14:40pm – Three arrested in Bradford for suspected drug dealing

The West Yorkshire Police have made three arrests in Bradford after they seized a “quantity of class-A drugs and £10,000 cash”.

Detective Inspector Matt Walker stated in a press release, “All forms of drug dealing have a devastating impact on the communities and through investigations such as this we hope will send a clear message to those individuals involved in these offences that it will not be tolerated in the communities of Bradford”.

14:33pm – Weather conditions cause issues

The weather conditions today have been causing issues for people across Leeds. Student Will Farrier expresses his personal issues that the snow has caused for him.

14:18pm – 806 Leeds citizens stepped up for Covid vaccine testing

Leeds ended up with the most sign-ups for testing the Covid-19 vaccine. 806 people in Leeds came forward to help with testing and what a difference they have made!

13:55pm – Oh s(no)w!

West Yorkshire Police dog Anna is feeling very disappointed that the snow has returned. I’m not sure I would enjoy a 7am walk in the cold, wet snow either Anna!

13:45pm – British Gas protests continue

The British Gas protests continue, GMB accepted an invitation to make an appearance at the BEIS select committee today as MP’s call British Gas Boss Chris O’Shea to give evidence over what the GMB trade union call the “fire and rehire plan”. The protests continue across the U.K.

13:37pm – Teachers concerned they are not a Covid-19 vaccine priority

School teachers across the U.K are worried that they will not receive the Covid-19 vaccine as a priority. They have been given little information about when they will be given the vaccine. Find out about how they are feeling about the situation later on.

13:26pm – Leeds council shuts down homeless street kitchen yet allows another to remain open

Leeds supports street kitchens was ordered to close down last week by authorities. The founder, David Hedley, claims another street kitchen however has been allowed to remain open despite the similarity between the two.

13:05pm – Leeds council provides emergency accommodation for the homeless

Leeds council are providing emergency accommodation for the homeless people of Leeds throughout the harsh weather conditions. The emergency accommodation address is at 2 great George street, LS2 8BA, on the first floor. If you are concerned about someone sleeping rough on the street, you can contact the street outreach team on 0113 245 9445.

12:55pm – Inclusion in the digital world

Leeds Hacks reported James and Phil are talking about how the pandemic has worsened the digital divide. Drop by later on to hear more about how the need to include the older generation within our digital world is increasing.

12:40pm – The homeless people of Leeds endure the tough weather conditions once again

Last week a street kitchen providing food to the homeless in Leeds was shut down by authorities after ‘breaching’ Covid rules. The worry of how these people will stay fed throughout the pandemic and how they will survive the harsh weather conditions has become an increasing worry.

12:25pm – A second blanket of snow for Leeds

A second blanket of snow for those across West Yorkshire and it has hit hard! The snow is forecast to last for the next two days across Leeds and so stay home and don’t drive unless necessary.

12:20pm – Leeds City Council issues £7.6mil scheme to make the city more accessible to bicycles

The Leeds City Council have issued a £7.6million scheme in order to add 7km of cycle tracks around Leeds. Many people have been quick to criticise the new plan that is currently taking place around the city.

12:10pm – Traffic Update

South Parade in Leeds City Centre will be closed for roadworks today until 3pm. Traffic has been diverted and bus stops on South Parade and Park row will not be in use today.

11:55am – Missing person police appeal

The West Yorkshire Police are looking for any information on missing Leeds woman Jodey Carroll. Jodey, aged 36, from Morley, was reported missing yesterday and was last seen on Sunday. If you have any information on Jodey’s whereabouts, please contact Leeds District CID on 101.

11:45am – Hermes local and Panda refill partner up!

Hermes Local are to team up with Panda Refill to create a free delivery service around Leeds that is also eco-friendly! Join us later to hear the full story from our reporters Emily and Alvaro!

11:30am – Galentine’s day

Women’s Equality Leeds are to host a Galentine’s quiz the day before Valentines day to help raise funds to protect and fight for gender equality.

11:25am – Holbeck families demand council end Leeds’ sex zone

Families are demanding change in Holbeck (also known as the Leeds red light district) after a number of young girls making their way home from school have been approached by men looking for sex. The families in the area are ordering for the Leeds City Council to end the Leeds’ sex zone.

11:10am – A tribute to the frontline

It has officially been one year since the first Covid-19 case in the U.K. Leeds Hacks reporters Ben and Kane are going to uncover what action needs to be taken to support out NHS properly. Tune in later to find out more.

11:00am – There’s snow place like home

Leeds council has announced that its gritters were on the roads of Leeds overnight, but has suggested that people do not travel unless they need too as the snow still remains thick. Stay home and stay safe. #snowplacelikehome

10:51am – The superfood that has beaten them all

Scientists at MIT (US) have managed to engineer these spinach plants to send emails?! Yep! Thats right! When these smart spinach roots detect nitroaromatics (this is a compound often found in explosives e.g. landmines) in the water in the ground , they send a wireless signal back to the scientists via email! How crazy!

10:40am – Wedding fever!

Reporters Jacob and Eliza are working on a story about weddings today. Unfortunately, this isn’t the story that every couple dreams of, as they have been left to campaign against the lack of support in the weddings industry. Tune into Leeds Hacks later on to find out about the slow decline of the industry. #leedshacks

10:25am – Driving safely in a winter wonderland

Be sure to stay extra safe outside today, especially if you need to make any journeys through the snow. Make sure to remove any snow from your vehicle before you set off and remember driving slow is safe!

10:16am – It’s Groundhog Day!

What is that you ask? In the USA and Canada Groundhog Day is the coming of Spring after a long Winter. The Groundhog is said to arise from its hole after hibernation, it marks the last few weeks of winter and gives hope that brighter days are to come! #groundhogday

10:06am – Snow across West Yorkshire causes over 600 schools to close

The snow has returned over night causing over 600 schools across West Yorkshire too close. There are weather warnings issued over the next two days , and it looks like the weather may continue this way for a short while. s(No)w thank you!

9:55am – Good Morning!

Good morning Leeds! It is cold and snowy outside today and so make sure you’re wrapping up warm! My name is India and I will be reporting for Leeds Now today from my cosy home office (apartment) with my cuppa and some candles! Follow me here for all live updates.

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