Leeds independent businesses now delivering by bike

Hermes cyclist Sam stood in front of kirkgate marketHermes Local have teamed up with independent stores in Kirkgate Market

Hermes Local has teamed up with Kirkgate market stalls to deliver essential goods to vulnerable customers.

Some of the delivery giant’s local employers have been given electric bikes to trial a zero-emission point to point local delivery service in Leeds.

Adrian Berry, who came up with the initiative, explains his motive behind the idea was to help shielding customers continue buying from their local retailers in a more sustainable way.

“The bikes give us capacity and range, they can get around the city almost as quickly as a diesel van could, but with a fraction of the emissions,” said Adrian.

Hermes kickstarted the trial in Kirkgate market last week

With many of Hermes’ trials taking place in central London, Adrian explains their headquarters is in Morely with another office in central Leeds.

“Trialling a service on a small scale allows us to understand a lot more about what’s a very different market to Hermes, but one we can bring a lot of relevant experience to.

“Identifying a local area to test in resolved a lot of practicalities, especially given restrictions over travel” he explains.

The iniatiative

Mr. Berry adds, “We also wanted to make sure any solution had both sustainability and tracking congestion at its heart”

According to ‘Statista’, the statistics portal for market data, there has been a 39% increase in food deliveries over the past 12 months.

 A similar study for hospitality EPOS company, Zonal, reveals that 28% of consumers in the UK ordered more food deliveries than 12 months ago, with nearly half of the orders being made through online channels.

Hermes Local is targetting essential small food businesses in Kirkgate Market.

Leeds Kirkgate Market has been the city’s essential shopping destination for over a century, it is one of the biggest indoor markets in Europe working with some of the most characterful traders in the city since 1857.

Panda Refill, a zero-waste stall located in the Leeds Market is one of the first stalls to sign up with Hermes Local to start the free delivery trial.

Buyer at Panda Refill, Aimee Charlotte explains “This is exactly what we needed to get our products to our customers who are vulnerable and cannot come into the city center at the moment. “

The zero-waste store delivers plastic-free dry foods in biodegradable packaging offering specific quantities on its website – allowing its customers to order exactly the amount of food they need.

“Lockdown has been difficult for us because we are a very sight specific shop, we offer a very sight specific retail experience,”

With Panda Refills being “too short-staffed” to make delivery themselves, Aimee explains “Hermes Local has given their vulnerable customers with no greener choice a chance.”

Charlotte confirms Panda Refills will continue to make local deliveries with Hermes and hopes their innovation reduces carbon emissions across the city.

The green bike deliveries will be free to Leeds’ postcodes until Easter and operate 9 am-5 pm, Monday- Friday.

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