Leeds Now: Live updates Thursday 4 February 2021

9.50 – Good Morning from Leeds Now!

I’m Amelia Canty and I’ll be live reporting for Leeds Now throughout the day. I’ve started my morning off right with eggs and tea, I’ve got a nice cosy set-up for the day, so I’m hoping it’s going to be a good day in the office! Follow me here for all live updates.

10.13 – Clap for Sir Captain Tom Moore

On 2 February we lost Sir Captain Tom Moore to Covid. He became a national treasure over the last year due to his tremendous fund-raising efforts for the NHS. Last night Leeds made a noise and clapped for Captain Tom and all he did for us.

10.33 – West Yorkshire Police offer support for domestic abuse victims

Assistant Chief Constable Catherine Hankinson released a statement saying “You should be reassured; we are here for you and we will remain here for you throughout this period of isolation.” This follows after police crime data revealed there has been an increase in demand for domestic abuse victim services.

10.40 – Dan Flynn reports

Dan was out last night at 6pm for the #ClapForCaptainTom and got some great audio of Captain Tom’s commemoration. Can’t wait to hear his audio package!

10.47 – It’s Time to Talk Day 2021

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service are supporting this years ‘Time to Talk Day’ in a bid to start conversations about mental health and help end the stigma.

10.55 – Love Island’s Dr Alex becomes Mental Health ambassador

After the devastating news that Dr Alex’s 15 year old brother had passed away due to his own battle with mental health last summer, Alex began a fervent campaign to change mental health education at schools. What an amazing result to start the process of giving young people a voice and encouraging others to know they’re not alone.

11.35 – The Big Sleep is back!

Friday 5 February will see Leeds Rhinos Foundation, St George’s Crypt, Leeds & St Gemma’s Hospice take part in the virtual 2021 ‘Leeds Big Sleep In’. The Leeds Big Sleep charity raises money for Leeds’ most vulnerable, last year securing an amazing £56,000 to help those in need. Really looking forward to hearing what Kaveen got up to whilst covering this story.

11.47 – Topshop’s hole in the high street will be hard to stitch

Earlier this week we learned that online retailer ASOS had bought out Arcadia after financial pressure caused by the pandemic finally split the seams of the retail giant. Arcadia’s long history on the high street will leave behind big shoes to fill, and has built up over 13 000 employees, many of whom have now lost their jobs. Presenter Alyssa Brown investigates the future of the high street today.

12.10 – World Cancer Day 2021

According to Cancer Research UK, 1 in 2 people in the UK born after 1960 will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime. These statistics are terrifying, yet after scrolling through Cancer Research’s twitter page today, I feel really hopeful at all the hard work that goes into fundraising and supporting the fight against this disease.

12.18 – Hugh Grant kicks up a stink about dog poo

Adopting his typically deadpan, British humour, Hugh Grant expresses his annoyance at the lack of dog-poo etiquette amongst London dog owners.

12.26 – Emmie Penkett reports

Leeds Now reporter Emmie Penkett is investigating how much awareness people have about HIV and has conducted some great interviews with members of the LGBTQ+ community on their thoughts about #HIVTestWeek. National HIV Testing Week (NHTW) is HIV Prevention England‘s flagship annual event, aiming to promote regular testing among key populations.

12.42 – Update on the Harry Dunn murder case

12.47 – Leeds Libraries ‘Drop in and Draw’ inspires people to get creative

This week, Leeds Libraries are using line art and line drawings for their #LeedsDropInAndDraw inspiration. It promotes a collation of beautiful artist responses and encourages others to get creative this lockdown.

12.57 – Starting a green diet this year was just the ‘veganning’ for this family (sorry)

The Veganuary trend this year saw the biggest increase in people trying a greener diet. On the 1 January, more than 440,000 people had already signed-up for the 31-day vegan challenge. Sloane Caetano, a Leeds Now reporter, has done a great interview with a family of five who have taken the plunge and transitioned to a full vegan diet after the success of their veganuary. Really looking forward to hearing Sloane’s package.

13.10 – West Yorkshire Police appeal

A 38 year-old man has reportedly been stabbed in Bradford, Horton Road last night around 11 pm. His injuries are not thought to be life-threatening and he has undergone treatment. Police are appealing for anyone in the area or any witnesses to the crime to come forward.

13.26 – It’s LGBTQ+ history month!

Our Leeds Now reporter Mia Eden is investigating what people think about the government’s new consultation in regards to introducing more gender neutral toilets. The government says its review will help “ensure there is a diversity of provision and facilities for everyone.

13.46 – Vaccination for the nation

An update on Covid statistics from Public Health England shows us regrettable numbers on the amount of new covid cases still persisting. In more promising news, we can also see really impressive stats on the amount of vaccines rolled out. Thank you NHS!

14.00 – February marks the start of Black History Month

I feel so privileged to have been able to witness and take part in supporting the peak of the BLM movement last year. Although there’s a very long road ahead to deliver the change that is needed, the movement has had an incredible start in sparking an international conversation. I can’t wait to hear stories and see steps to improve the future this Black History Month.

14.12 – Proffessor Chris Witty responds to abuse

Earlier this week a video emerged of a young guy harassing Chris Witty in the street as he waited in line at a food cart. He branded him ‘a liar’, suggesting he had lied about Covid-19, although didn’t specify what it was specifically he had lied about. Piers Morgan has dubbed Professor Witty’s response as ‘very classy’, as he appears to be largely unbothered about the video.

14.20 – Confessions of a Shopaholic’s reality

Leeds Now reporter Fin Green has delved into the lives of student impulse buyers who use the third party payment site Klarna to facilitate their spending habits. Although it offers an interest-free method of paying in 3 instalments, if you fail to meet a payment, the consequences can leave people seriously struggling with a mounting pile of debt. Fin gets some great interviews discussing their thoughts on the regulation of Klarna.

14.33 – Deadline for our Leeds Now reporters is looming!

14.47 – Leeds Now reporter Dan Flynn speaks to his neighbours about Captain Tom’s passing

14.48 – S(no)w place like staying indoors and getting cosy

The Met Office has released a yellow warning of snow and ice. This doesn’t really pose a big problem during lockdown but if you are travelling, bare in mind that some road, bus and train services are likely to be affected with longer journey times. Also, if you’re venturing out for your daily exercise, beware of the icy surfaces – nothing beats the embarrassment of falling flat on your bum.

15.12 – Who run the world? Girls

I’m glad that the worst month of the year is over. However, I’m even more glad that January saw some amazing women do some amazing things. British Vogue has highlighted 5 incredible women’s achievements – some ‘scoring first-achievements across fields, while others stood their ground and shook some systems.’ This proving the future is female.

15.25 – Food banks under pressure

The Trussell Trust’s food bank network provided 1,239,399 emergency food parcels to people in crisis between April and September 2020. Leeds Now reporter Louisa Trussell produced an amazing audio package on the struggles food banks are facing during the pandemic. Give it a listen!

15.32 – That’s a wrap!

Thanks for tuning in! I had a lot of fun and hope you’ve enjoyed following today’s live updates. All of our Leeds Now team have produced super interesting stories and it’s safe to say today was a success!

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