Leeds Now: Live Report 15th February

A computer on a desk on the Leeds Now homepage.Welcome to today's live report.

15:00 – And that’s the end of that

Thank you all for keeping up with today’s live report! I’ve been Gemma Ryles and I hope you enjoy all the amazing stories produced by the third years in the Leeds Now team. Have a great week!

14:57 – How to give back to your community

Leeds United’s own Patrick Bamford recently helped raise over £20,000 to replace stolen laptops that were meant for deprived students in the city. Bamford offered to give the shirt he wore to a random winner, which bought in donations from dedicated Leeds United fans.

14:54 – Never drink and drive, always organise a way home

West Yorkshire Police have arrested a woman on suspicion of drink driving after she crashed her car in Leeds. Always make sure you drive sober, and if you plan on drinking out organise a different way home.

14:51 – More love to the one and only Beckett

Read about all the great things that come when you chose to study at Beckett here!

14:45 – It’s all up in the air

Climate scientists are challenging the Leeds Bradford airport decision, with support from residents in Leeds who are opposing the change.

14:39 – Back the Beckett

Students at Leeds Beckett are aiming to collectively travel 463 kilometres, the distance between Beckett University and the refugee camp in Calais. Take part in the journey and donate using the link below.

14:33 – Leeds Covid cases continue to fall

You heard it here; stay inside, keep your distance, wash your hands and get the vaccine as soon as it’s offered. Stay safe out there.

14:27 – Oh snow, here we go again

Leeds, located in one of the best northern counties, is one of Britain’s best and greenest cities, and is currently getting a fair amount of snow.

14:21 – More surveys to do to get your say

Leeds’ first LGBTQ+ housing scheme is now live! Take the survey and have your say to make sure that everyone is represented.

14:14 – The pretty pretty architecture

Check out all the most interesting buildings in Leeds that never get a shoutout. What’s the nicest house on your street?

14:09 – Fan those flames and stay safe tomorrow!

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service are imploring Leeds residents to make sure they’re safe during Shrove Tuesday tomorrow. For more information on fire safety visit the West Yorkshire Fire Service page.

14:00 – Two points at 2 o’clock

At half time the current score sees Leeds United on two points and Reading on zero. Let’s see if Leeds can recover from Arsenal’s match yesterday.

13:56 – Always be mindful about the people working throughout the pandemic

Leeds Council here to remind you that everyone should be mindful of all the key-workers that have been helping us throughout the pandemic.

13:51 – Party Time it is not…

Police in Shipley has fined more than 20 people for attending a party this weekend. They were fined £800 each and were then dispersed from the area.

13:44 – Let’s make Leeds better together

Feel like filling in a survey? Help Leeds better understand how Leeds needs to adapt and change to make it better for everyone.

3:37 – Flood those comments!

Leeds residents can give their opinions on the new proposals for dealing with flooding in the city. Find out what stage two of the scheme is with the link below.

13:30 – First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a golden carriage

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on the announcement of their second baby. All the best from across the pond.

13:25 – Empty Home, Empty Heart

It’s empty homes week, in which the Council gives advice on how to repurposed empty homes that landlords are struggling to fill. Thanks Leeds Council for helping make sure every home in Leeds is occupied.

13:17 – Beep Beep! It’s the sound of the police

Police have been keeping am extra eye out in Roundhay recently since reports of burglaries have resulted in two men being charged for attempting to steal a car.

13:11 – This is getting Kara’d away…

Join us at three to find out more on this story, a man has been seen taking photos of students in their homes without their consent, and no one knows why.

13:05 – Medical miracles happen every day

Well done to the Doctors involved in the treatment of an acute ruptures basilar top aneurysm. And a big well done to Dr. Tufail, a renowned expert from our very own Leeds.

13:00 – One is the loneliest number

Topshop closed its doors for good since ASOS bought the company in an online-only move. We’ll miss you Topshop, where will we go for our overprices flares now?

12:55 – Lockdown lows? Leeds has the answer

Do you have children? Do you live in Leeds? Do you want a comprehensive guide on what fun and creative ideas there are to keep families entertained? Then what are you waiting for, click the link below.

12:49 – Go Sports!

It’s been hard to stay motivated and involved in sports recently, so if you want to know what Leeds has to offer tune in to the open day webinars throughout the week.

12:44 – Ring the bell for a Bellerby story

The dream team Oscar and George are together again; come back at three to read, listen and watch their story on what will happen if the school year is extended.

12:38 – What’s new pussycat?

Are you looking for a furry friend to join your family? The Leeds and Wakefield RSPCA Branch is open to applications, so get yours in now! (Who could refuse a face like that…)

12:31 – Pudsey police cordon off park despite confused residents

It’s currently unclear why the police have sectioned off a park in Pudsey, but residents have said that around 6 am police arrived to cordon off the area, much to everyone’s confusion.

12:30 – Get the kettle on, it’s Emilia Kettle’s story

Join us at three to find out more about how the self-employed have fared since the first lockdown in March.

12:24 – Have you got your kit yet?

Are you a Leeds fan? Do you want a sweet tracksuit? Well, this is for you! Leeds Rhinos have released a new Off-Field range, so you can show off your support in style.

12:19 – More Molly’s to mull over

Check out the teaser of Molly and Georgia’s story, and listen to Laura’s new positive outlook on life since going sober.

12:12 – You grow girl

Do you have a green streak? Everyone can enjoy a few plants every now and then, and the growth in this garden is something to marvel at. Don’t leaf, they’ll be more updates on Leeds news soon!

12:05 – Anyone looking for a job?

Specialist Autism Services is looking for a Trainee Service Coordinator. Even if this job isn’t for you, check in with Voluntary Action Leeds and see what they’re doing to help the community.

12:00 – Make sure your keeping up with your mental health during lockdown

Services like SARSVL are extending their helpline hours to help more women combat loneliness during lockdown. Make sure you check in with your friends, even if you think they’re doing okay, it’s always best to reach out.

11:57 – Everyone deserves something to eat, no matter your situation

Are you familiar with the services in Leeds that help people who aren’t getting enough food? If you or anyone you know is struggling contact the number below.

11:50 – Leeds General Infirmary is looking good!

In only three weeks the new ward in Leeds General Infirmary has been completed. Well done to those involved.

11:44 – You ‘eading up North, duck?

For those looking for a deeper read today, check out this interesting article on all the startups appearing up North, including Leeds, that just aren’t getting the same funding as down South.

11:40 – Summer school anyone?

Leeds Now journalists George and Oscar are running a story today on the possibility of extending the school summer term to catch up on lost learning. We wonder who this will be popular with…

11:33 – Did you hear, renewable is the new black

In good news, the UK has set up new hubs in Leeds and London that will focus on finding data and analytics to financial institutions to support their investment decisions. The work will start in April, so let’s aim for a more renewable Spring.

11:25 – In the IT crowd

Sam and Jess have been looking into a GoFundMe that raised money to help buy IT equipment for those without access. Find out what happened to the stolen donations at three.

11:19 – It’s Census time again

The Census is a important part of our government that helps local authorities plan and fund things like education, services and doctors surgeries. Keep an eye out for the March Census.

11:15 – Make sure you are getting the support you deserve

Trans and non-binary people have reported issues with ordering Covid tests. If you or someone you know is struggling to get tested due to these problems make sure you use the number or email below, everyone deserves access to basic healthcare.

11:08 – Leeds Council hub at Merrion House closed

If you needed to visit the city centre hub today it has been closed due to maintenance. For more information check out the website below.

11:00 – What a teenage wasteland…

A blast from the past, here’s The Who performing at the prestigious University of Leeds. Wonder if they have a Pinball Wizard machine…

10:53 – Anyone a little curious about Covid?

With all the information out there, it’s hard to know what you can and can’t trust. Anyone with any questions or queries is welcome to this Covid Q&A on Saturday.

10:49 – Are you managing substances effectively?

Georgia is using the last newsday to cover the increase in alcohol addiction in the UK. Make sure you understand your own limits and speak to any friends or family you’re worried about. Read, listen and watch her piece at three.

10:45 – Not everyone loves Mondays…

Have you seen the People of Leeds account? Every Monday a new person takes over in Leeds. Grab yourself a coffee (or two) and see what everyone has to say!

10:38 – NHS England figures show 301 deaths in the country on Saturday, including eight in Leeds

Leeds is seeing a decrease in the number of Covid cases, with a 6.3% drop in the amount of infections since last week.

10:31 – Check out the rest of the team and what they’re working on!

Our very own Eliza is running a story for tomorrow about the already infamous Leeds Bradford airport. To get involved, contact Eliza on Twitter (And make sure you have a look at all her other cool stuff!).

10:24 – Rest in Peace Barry Taylor

Join the West Yorkshire Police in remembering Inspector Barry Taylor, who was fatally shot in Farsley on February 15th 1970.

10:19 – Leeds Court included in those refusing to work until Covid safety issues are addressed

The union has called for courts to close and for vital cases to be conducted online due to concerns about their safety. Members of he Public and Commercial Services union will vote to decide if they should launch a campaign of action.

10:11 – Frantic football fans are worried about LUFC

Due to the White’s loss at 4-2 in their match yesterday, many are worried that the team will have a hard time recovering.

10:00 – Do you know who these people are?

In this weeks edition of Caught on Camera, West Yorkshire Police are asking if anyone can identify the person that stole goods from a shop in the Leeds North West area. Keep your eyes peeled!

9:54 – The air’s getting pretty thin up here…

Climate protesters in Leeds are claiming that the Leeds Bradford airport expansion is a “backwards step”, and that “flying is one of the most environmentally damaging things an individual can do”.

9:50 – How safe is your garden?

West Yorkshire Police are checking in to make sure that everyone remembers to shut their shed, and the importance of keeping any outbuildings safe.

9:40 – Find out how you can help people get out of abusive relationships by donating

Last year, 2.3 million adults, including 1.7 million women, suffered from domestic abuse. Find out how you can help to bring those numbers down by donating to a charity and educating yourself on the dangers of coercive and physical abuse.

9:31 – Everyone gets emotional on their last day

Join us at three to see what the wonderful Louise and Molly have to say on how the pandemic has altered people’s plans to get a Masters degree.

9:28 – How much would you want to come back home? You might have to wait it out…

From today, anyone travelling into England from “red list” countries will need to quarantine for 10 days in hotels and get two negative Covid tests before they can go home.

9:22 – Any of you football fans have an opinion?

In the football world there are debates over last nights game, was the referee correct?

9:15 – Do you think lockdown is working?

The Yorkshire Evening Post discovered that Hyde Park recorded only four cases this week, which is a drop of more than 50% in infection rates.

9:10 – Up and up and away! Expansion of Leeds Bradford airport has been approved

The expansion has caused controversy since it was outlined in 2020, but the airport has been improved to increase its four million annual passengers to seven million within 10 years.

9:00 – Good Morning!

Hello, I’m Gemma Ryles and I’ll be your live reporter for the day! Check-in here for all the updates around the Leeds Now team and general news in Yorkshire.

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