Talks of extended school term concerning for parents and teachers

A teacher at the front of the class with a black board and students sat in rows some with their hands upSchools are expected to return on the 8 March at the earliest under the current government guidelines

The proposal to extend the summer term comes after talks of lengthening the school day to make up for a loss of education during the pandemic.

Teachers and parents are concerned over the possibility of the school year being extended by two weeks into the summer holidays, with missed holiday time to be taken in autumn and winter.

Laura Collier speaks about her experience home schooling and the difficulties other parents have faced

According to The Telegraph, the Department of Education are considering a range of options to help children recover from the loss of learning, including seeking help from charities and volunteers to run out-of-hour classes and extra-curricular activities.

Kelly Lauren doesn’t believe that the summer term extension will benefit teachers like herself

Whilst no plans have been put into place, a government spokesperson told the Daily Mail the following:

“We will invest a further £300 million in tutoring programmes, building on the existing £1 billion Covid Catch-Up Fund, but the prime minister has been clear that extended school closures have had a huge impact on pupil’s education, which will take more than a year to make up.

“The government will work with parents, teachers and schools to develop a long-term plan to make sure pupils have the chance to make up their lost education.”

“The education and examination system needs to be reset to allow the pressure to be taken off teachers, pupils, and families.”

The Edge Foundation released the above, showing the impact of COVID-19 on schools globally

Tony Dadd, the founder of Parents United UK, believes that the education system needs to be reset and a recovery plan put in place to support both pupils and teachers.

“If parents believe that their household bubble is at risk, then they should have the option to have supported home education. It should be their choice. 

@Parents_Utd are a group that campaigns for a different approach to Schools during the pandemic

“This shouldn’t be about catching up to some arbitrary standards, it should be now about implementing a recovery curriculum based on mental health and wellbeing.

Many parents are fearful that extended school terms will take away valuable time with their children including Helen Orchard a mother of two.

“Cutting short the summer break will mean children won’t get that time to spend with their families, won’t have the enjoyment of being outside after a really long winter and for those of us who only get that time during the summer break to have family time it’s going to impact their relationships.

“My husband and I have worked all through these lockdowns and we haven’t been able to have time together as a family unit, our family time is always during the school break in the summer and now potentially this will be taken away from us.”

Andrew Parsons / No10 Downing St Boris Johnson hasn’t rules out altering the terms dates despite no official announcement

The prime minister has not ruled out the possibility of altering the term dates, with the proposal supported by many including MP Robert Halfon, the chair of the House of Commons education committee.

He told The Sunday Times; “We have to reform the school year. There has to be change; things cannot carry on the way they did pre-COVID.”

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